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Who Benefits from Permanent Makeup?

  • Women who want to wake up with makeup!
  • Women who desire natural or dramatic makeup that won’t smear, run or disappear during the day or night.
  • Athletes or physically active women who always want to look their best.
  • Women who are allergic to conventional makeup.
  • Women who are visually or physically challenged with makeup application.
  • Men and women who have invisible hair or who cannot regrow hair due to burns, scars or over tweezing.
  • Men or women who desire symmetry or definition with facial features like lip borders, eyebrows or hair lines.
  • Men who have hair transplant scars.
  • Women who have had breast reduction or reconstructive surgery.

What is Permanent Makeup?

Makeup that will never smear, stain, disappear, or bleed again. Permanent Makeup can be applied to create beautiful eyebrows, lash enhancing eye liners, and full lip color or lip liner. Permanent Makeup can camouflage scars and create beautiful symmetry of facial features. Areola Restoration and beauty marks are also available.

The procedure itself involves the strategic placing of natural pigments into the dermal layer of the skin. This insertion of color is called tattooing. The end result is soft and beautiful!

Is Permanent Makeup Really Permanent?

Yes and No.

The color does fade and require maintenance. Light colors last about one to two years while darker colors last two to six years. The after care given and your skin type does make a difference.    



Cathy Waechter

Is Permanent Makeup Safe?

Yes, if it is performed by a trained and experienced Permanent Makeup Artist educated in sanitation protocol.

How to choose a Permanent Makeup Artist - ASK :

  • Do they follow Health Dept. Protocol?
  • Do they use disposable needles and pigment caps?
  • How do they dispose of their needles?
  • How many procedures have they done?
  • Do they pencil you in first?
  • What kind of after care do they give you?
  • How did they get their training?
  • Do they pleasantly answer all of your questions?
  • Are they easy to reach if needed?
  • Do they have a portfolio of clients they themselves have done?